• Environmentally friendly, easy to main and long-lasting
  • No mains power required
  • 5 year warranty on solar panels
  • Perfect solution for commercial or domestic properties
  • Fast and Inexpensive Mounting

More details

The solar powered fire curtains are perfect for locations where there is intermittent power. In addition to our standard automatic fire curtain systems the solar powered control panels and motors ensure that no mains power is required in order to keep the fire curtain working successfully.

The solar powered fire curtains come with a gravity fail safe control panel and battery back-up just in case the solar panel fails.

All our solar powered fire curtains are provided with pre-configured cables, IEC and weatherproof connectors and integrated bypass diodes for the His 250 Mono-Crystalline Type Solar Panel Module.

The solar powered fire curtains are the latest innovative product, brand new to the market.

Optional Extras

Override Switches

The Override Switch rolls the curtain back up, allowing people to escape. Once the switch has been released the curtain…

Audio Visual Alarms

Flashing lights and sirens are connected to the control panel and provide a warning when the curtain is about to…

Beam Sensor

A beam sensor by itself can be used as either a block sensor or an override; when the fire alarm…

Smoke Seals

Placed within the steel side guides and top box the smoke seals provide total smoke containment as the fire curtain…

Delayed Drop Systems

This means the curtain can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment.