• Protect areas up to 30 metres wide
  • Unobtrusive, lightweight and easy to install
  • Alternative to a fire door, fire shutter or sprinkler system
  • Option to be fully recessed into the walls and ceiling
  • Excellent for atriums, lift shafts protected lobbies and stairwells, offices and high-rise buildings

More details

The Firesafe240 Automatic Fire Curtain systems provides a longer period of fire resistance. They have been certified to. They are commonly used in situations where a longer period of protection is required, such as over lift doors or for protected lobbies.

They provide 240 minutes of continuous fire containment with a standard drop down system. Each curtain is suspended on a single barrel up to 6 metres wide and 8 metres high. Overlapping curtains are used to protect larger areas, please see our architect’s page for more information on our multi-barrelled fire curtain systems.

Firesafe 240 Automatic Fire Curtains are slightly heavier and thicker than the Firesafe 60 curtains but are still much lighter and easier to install than roller shutters. The control panel can be linked to a fire alarm system to automatically deploy and stop the spread of fire and smoke.

Firesafe 240 Automatic Fire Curtains have uses for many situations in various locations, such as servery hatches, standard door frames and windows in schools, hospitals, pubs, hotels and domestic properties.

Optional Extras

Override Switches

The Override Switch rolls the curtain back up, allowing people to escape. Once the switch has been released the curtain…

Audio Visual Alarms

Flashing lights and sirens are connected to the control panel and provide a warning when the curtain is about to…

Beam Sensor

A beam sensor by itself can be used as either a block sensor or an override; when the fire alarm…

Smoke Seals

Placed within the steel side guides and top box the smoke seals provide total smoke containment as the fire curtain…

Delayed Drop Systems

This means the curtain can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment.