• Permanent fire compartmentalisation
  • Solution to irregular floor and roof layouts
  • Perfect for protecting lofts in domestic properties
  • Easy to install
  • Protect around pipes and wires with ease

More details

Fixed fire curtains provide a simple and effective solution for permanently ensuring compartmentalisation in the case of a fire. Fixed fire curtains are most commonly used in conjunction with our Firesafe60 material and installed in warehouses, lofts, garages and showrooms in order to permanently seal off an area and prevent the spread of fire.

The fixed fire curtains do not drop down automatically of the alarm and therefore cannot be used as a safe passage of escape by passing through the curtain.

Fixed fire curtains can either be supplied as material only or the total supply and installation including all fixings required.

The material comes in 1500mm lengths. The method of overlapping one curtain against another is used to cover larger expanses. Need to allow for a 300mm overlap on each curtain. The over-lapped curtains are retained together with the use of staples.

The fixings to secure the curtain to the building structure may vary from self-tapping screws to galvanised mild steel angle or steel clips that are specifically designed to retain the curtain in place. Bottom pocket hems are used to contain steel rods which aid the stability of the curtain.