Unique fire curtains with translucent windows providing up to 2 hours protection at 1065°C

ResQ-Window™ fire curtains are the only translucent curtains on the fire safety market today. This unique product has windows that remain clear at temperatures in excess of 200°C and gradually transition to opaque white as temperatures rise to 1065°C.

Firesafe 60 Fire Curtains

FireSafe 60

Simple, effective and unobtrusive Automatic Fire Curtain

Firesafe60 provides the lightest and thinnest fire protection available and is designed to be installed in both domestic and commercial properties for smaller expanses as an alternative to a fire door, fire shutter or sprinkler system.

FireSafe 240

Firesafe240 Automatic Fire Curtains provide a longer period of fire resistance

Firesafe240 provides extended fire protection for various expanses up to 30 metres wide. It is designed for use in buildings where there is a larger footfall or where it will take longer to evacuate the building.

SmokeSafe Automatic Smoke Curtains


Discreet automatic curtain designed to push smoke to a ventilation system

The Smokesafe system is a smoke curtain which has no side guides and provides up to 120 minutes of smoke and heat protection. It is the most discreet automatic curtain available; designed to be installed in commercial properties, such as shopping centres and airports, and positioned to push smoke to a ventilation system.

Fixed Curtains

Fixed Fire curtains provide permanent static fire protection by sealing off an area

The Fixed Fire curtains provide permanent static fire protection by completely sealing off the area. It is designed for use mainly in lofts and factories, and has proven a smart solution for any irregular and complex designs.

Vertical spiral escape chutes

Vertical Spiral Escape Chutes

The latest fast, effective and safe alternative to an external fire escape staircase

Vertical Spiral Escape Chutes are a new and innovative solution to ensure fast, effective and safe evacuation from buildings 4 to 70 metres high. They are designed for all commercial and domestic properties as an alternative to an external fire escape staircase.

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Solar Panel for Solar Powered Fire Curtains

Solar Powered Fire Curtains

Innovative fire curtain solution where power supply is sporadic or limited

Solar powered fire curtains are the new and innovative environmentally-friendly solution to ensure constant open-plan protection, specifically for locations where the electrical supply is sporadic or only temporary power is in place.